A Complete Workforce Management Time & Attendance Solution

Time and Attendance system is one of the most robust workforce management solutions on the market, accommodating a virtually unlimited number of employees, pay codes, and pay rules. With a parameter-driven, open modular design, the system easily adapts to organizational changes.



  • User-friendly online portals for administrators, supervisors, and employees.
  • Highly configurable dashboard with a simple, intuitive interface that has everything on a single screen: attendance exceptions, scheduled vs. actual hours, leave requests and approvals, system information, hardware statuses, and much more.
  • Interfaces with over 300 3rd party applications, including payroll/HR/ERP systems, eliminating double entry of shared information.
  • Wide selection of data collection devices to accurately capture employee time and attendance. Fully automated solution helps manage, collect and process employee time and attendance more efficiently. Automatic data collection options include biometric devices, swipe card, web browser, telephones, and mobile apps (for Android, Apple iOS, and Windows devices)


Beyond Basic Time and Attendance.

In addition to the base features, our software provides an Advanced Scheduling System, FMLA module, Advance Reporting options and a powerful Analytics (Primetime Analytics) engine.

Primenet Dashboard

  • Runs from your favorite browser
  • No need to download and use additional software.
  • Provides Extensive Payroll And Management Reports.
  • Exports Hours Directly To More Than Thirty Popular Third-Party Payroll Providers.
  • Employees can review hours, schedules and benefit balances.
  • Automates Attendance Tracking, the Calculation of Employee Time, & Wages.

Primenet Mobile App

  • Enables employees to submit requests, approve timecards, submit punches, conduct transfers, track detailed labor activity, and more!
  • Allows managers to resolve exceptions as they happen and respond to employee requests.
  • Utilizes your smartphone's native platform to deliver a familiar, easy-to-use interface.
  • Leverages your phone's GPS capability to track the lo cation of a punch.
  • Utilizes the phone's camera to scan bar codes for fast data entry.

Time and Attendance

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