Advance Your Team’s Talent to Improve Business Performance

From performance and learning management to benefit tracking and manager self-service portals, PaySourceONE’s talent management solutions provide tools to help you develop employees into seasoned, more valuable team members.

Performance Management

PaySourceONE’s performance manager allows you to engage your employees by aligning their goals with those of your organization. Successful performance management promotes continuing employee and supervisor development for an increase in overall organizational value.

PaySourceONE can help your organization implement an on-going process in which employees and managers discuss the employee’s contribution and success within the organization and develop a performance management plan.

Employee Relationship Management (ERM)

Our ERM (Employee Relationship Manager) helps you manage every employee interaction. The ERM manages various aspects of the employer-employee relationship and helps your organization develop policies, procedures, employee contracts, terms of employment and even handbooks.

Benefits Management and Tracking

PaySourceONE’s talent management solutions provide valuable and reliable tools to help with:

  • Benefits enrollment and monitoring
  • Compensation history
  • PTO management
  • Review coverage status
  • Employee access to benefits information and documents

Employee Self-Service Portal

Today’s fast-moving business environments require HR departments to act immediately and effectively. PaySourceONE's employee self-service portals allow employees to use any device to gain secure online access to payroll, HR and other relevant information and functions.

Manager Self-Service Portal

PaySourceONE's Manager Access Center provides managers with online, real- time access to the tools and information they need to oversee many aspects of their employees’ work cycles, including compensation, time-off, performance and professional development.