Help your employees keep you on track for their retirement

Let us obsess over your retirement. CoPilot isn’t just a 401(k) plan—it’s a service that will help keep you on track for retirement. CoPilot saves you time by proactively monitoring participants’ progress towards retirement goals. It’s not just about fund performance and account balances. It’s about understanding how much time your money is buying. With events-based messaging, you’ll receive professional education and see exactly how your day-to-day decisions affect the amount of retirement you’re buying.


CoPilot was designed with professionally managed investment portfolios that protect you, the plan sponsor. Included in the service is a named Investment Fiduciary who engages and monitors a professional investment manager, providing you with two levels of fiduciary protection.


CoPilot is totally transparent. No hidden fees and no surprise charges. For example, sub-TA fees are reimbursed back to the participants. So you’ll know upfront exactly what you’re paying.


CoPilot has online setup and enrollment and is integrated with your payroll. Since your data is shared between systems, it not only saves you time, but increases data accuracy.

Which statement would you rather see?

CoPilot: You’re on track for 10 years of retirement. Buy another year for $125 per month.


CoPilot saves you time, reduces investment fiduciary responsibility and helps:

  • Your business: Attract talent, retain employees and maximize tax benefits.
  • Your participants: Gain a better understanding of their retirement journey making them more likely to increase contributions.
  • You as the plan sponsor: CoPilot monitors plan activity and sends you proactive messages giving you more time to grow your business and save for your own retirement.


One-time Costs

Start-up and Conversion Plans
$390 Setup

Monthly Employer Fees


Employee Fees

Monthly Recordkeeping Integration Fee
Set by Payroll Provider

PAi Monthly Recordkeeping Fee
$4 per participant

PAi Trust Annual Custodial and Trading Fee*

Annual Investment Fiduciary Fee*+

*Fees are shown in annual terms but are deducted monthly.
+Investment Fiduciary Fee is banded based on assets in plan:
• First $2 Million: 0.25%
• $2 Million to $5 Million: 0.20%
• Above $5 Million: 0.10%
As of 01/01/2019. Pricing subject to change.

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