What tools do you need to better manage your human resources?

PaySourceOne’s human resource management solution delivers the tools to help you get the most out of your workforce, from a robust HRIS (Human Resource Information System) with advanced reporting to an HR library and employee self-service portals.

Document Management (DM)

Our document manager provides a secure document system that reinvents how HR departments use, store and distribute documents. It can be configured to file types including Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Crystal Report, Images and Text/ASCII.

Resource Center for Employee Management and Workplace Compliance Information

Our HR Support Center is your one-stop resource for employee management and workplace compliance information. The following are just a few of the invaluable features:

  • Ask an HR Pro via telephone and email
  • HR Glossary/Library
  • HR Forms
  • Job Descriptions
  • QA Database

  • Handbooks
  • State & Federal Laws
  • HR Newsletter/Articles
  • Up-to-Date Alerts and Best Practices

Professional Services

PaySourceONE’s complete professional services complement proactive HR professionals with management solutions, including:

  • HR consulting regarding compliance, compensation, performance and employee development
  • Strategic product performance services
  • Unemployment services
  • Employee handbook development

Strategic Reporting

PaySourceONE offers a powerful reporting and analytics toolset with customizable dashboards and a report builder. Available reports include:

  • Turnover analysis
  • Over-time analysis
  • Job costing
  • Work distribution
  • Compliance with OSHA, EEO, VETS-100, TEFRA
  • 401k census and contribution
  • Deduction management
  • Scheduled earnings