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What’s Included On Each Platform?

Our Platform Is Feature Rich

Flexible, Fast and Powerful

We have the tools, systems, and done for you solutions that will change the way you look at payroll.




The time-saving fetures you need to take care of payroll.

Xpress Plus

The essentials plus features you need to better manage your employees.

The easiest way to pay your employees. Securely run payroll anytime from any devices.

Leave the worries and hustles of payroll taxes to the exprerts. We will pay and file your taxes electronically for you.

Your employees can retrieve paystubs and W2's via their PC or smartphone.

Dont worry about remembering to process payroll. We will send you and email reminder to ensure everything happens on time.

Let your employess avoid bank lines. We can directly deposit their money electronically on payday. Debit cards and printing checks on-site are available.

Let us help you navigate the Affordable Care Act. Ensuring you know how exactly where you stand and that you are compliant.

Access HR information at your fingertips like rules, laws, sample policies, handbooks and job descriptions.

Automate time tracking, allowing employees to clock in/out from any PC or device, reducing data entry at payroll time.

Intranet for your employees. Clock in/out, request time-off, receive paystubs and even share messages and documents.

Receive text reminders to process payroll and messages after payroll for items like "Required Bank Deposit" for the current payroll.

Employers can receive information regarding their direct deposite via text messages, like "Net Pay" and "Time Off Balance".

Screen, identify, score, and rank candidates with given requirements to streamline the hiring process. Watch Video >>

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Integrate and calculate worker's exact compensation each pey period while minimizing administration.

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Features include 401k, Individual 401k Palns, Profit Sharing, SIMPLE Plans and IRA Financial Planning.

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We provide the information needed to make stronger, more intelligent hiring decisiions, through a variety of available searches.

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