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A solutions approach is the foundation of our team’s philosophy. Our experts will address your needs and support your business with our one-on-one approach.

We have an array of technologies available that will provide your organization with a custom solution that best addresses your unique needs.

I am proud of the innovations that PaySourceONE is able to provide. A new era is emerging in the payroll industry and we are excited to lead the way. Allow us to help you provide the best services for your employees.


Edward J. Bristow

Edward J. Bristow



Payroll • HR Solutions • Peace of Mind Why do our Customers Love PaySource One?

We offer a full spectrum of payroll services to help your business succeed and our one-on-one approach gives you the support you expect.

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PaySource is a stellar organization! They provide a modern and balanced approach, toward the implementation of new payroll and human resource strategies. In addition, their staff possesses a drive for execution and a high level of customer service; while empowering the customer to focus on what’s most important.

Steve Pikor
Royal Oak, MI

Leadership in PaySourceONE company has a genuine heart.

Greg Oliver